This site is about rock music and the artists that create it. Please forgive the goofy name. I did think of naming it Rock Music Royalty, but I had already hit the “save” button. Plus, I can’t have Ray Davies mentioned in each blog post, so the name Rock Music Royalty simply wouldn’t work.

You may be thinking, “Why should I invest my time with your site and read your posts? Why should I slowly drink my delicious Bull & Bush Man Beer and let it grow warm while perusing your words of speculated wisdom? There are already so many sites, magazines, podcasts, Internet stations and blogs that deal with rock music.” Well, those are good questions and I would hate to have your Man Beer grow warm. First and foremost, reading is good for you as your second grade teacher pointed out after she read each chapter of Charlotte’s Web to the class with that voice that invited childhood imagination. Also, isn’t it good to give new things a try? I promise my blog posts go down easier than liver and onions.

Please, before you spit out your generous mouthful of mashed potatoes and green chili due to my prose, take another sip of your Man Beer and check out my site. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading.

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Rock Music Opinions is a blog site with a goofy name that was created by Chris Callaway, well-published music journalist and author of Reel to Real by Reel. The purpose of Rock Music Opinions is to present reviews, commentary, articles and interviews that pertain to popular music. Just remember that Chris loves great pop hooks, vocal harmonies, emotive singing, imaginative lyric writing and superior musicianship. If all of these items can make it into the same band, same album or same song, then he’ll love it.

Chris has loved music since he was able to crawl on the red shag carpet in his parents’ home and stare at his dad’s reel-to-reel tape machine. He started playing guitar at the age of 12, soon switched to electric bass, and has since performed in many local bands in his native New England and in the Denver, Colorado, area. While in these musical ensembles, Chris handled the majority of the booking, publicity, marketing and management duties. He also co-managed musical artists with veteran manager Mark Bliesener.

In 1994, Chris started writing professionally as a freelance music journalist and has written for publications including Boulder Weekly, Westword, Yellow SceneHM (recently relaunched as Heaven’s Metal) and RELEVANT.

Chris relocated to Nashville in 1997 after graduating from Colorado Christian University with a BA in communications. He worked in marketing and publicity for two years with a couple different record labels; one was owned by former Prince and the Revolution guitarist Dez Dickerson, and the other was owned by late country music legend Buddy Killen.

Chris moved back to Denver in 1999 and lives with his wife, Erin, and dog, Rylee. His first book, Reel to Real by Reel, was published in February of 2015 and contains interviews that he conducted with rock music legends, complete with introductions that chronicle his formative years and love of music. The artists interviewed include Ray Davies (the Kinks), Mike Peters (the Alarm), Bruce Cockburn, Alex Lifeson (Rush), Neil Finn (Crowded House), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) and more. The book can be purchased Reel to Real by Reelhere.

Chris is currently working on a children’s book and continues to write about music. These days, he is listening to a lot of U2, Death Cab, the Kinks, Joe Walsh, the Who, the Db’s, the Zombies, Galactic Cowboys, the Kickback, Brave Baby and, yes, the Jam. The volume goes up when his wife is out. The dog seems to find it relaxing.

He does enjoy craft beer in moderation, sometimes while writing at night. His current favorite is the Man Beer brewed by Bull & Bush here in Denver. The brewery/restaurant also has a very tasty menu item consisting of a steaming plateful of mashed potatoes topped with homemade green chili. It’s incredibly delicious.

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Please click here to view a comprehensive listing of pieces Chris wrote for Christian publications (1994 – 2011). Most of these articles and reviews are not available online or require a membership or paid subscription to access.

There are also quite a few older articles and reviews written for the Boulder Weekly that are not available online. We may post those pieces once they are accessible.